Ariel motorcycle club NZ



Ariel Register Of NZ was started by the late Bruce Carrad in the early 1990's. Since then it has grown to have about 100 members with about 300 bikes. The club aims to promote the common interests of Ariel motorcycle owners in NZ by running an annual rally, providing technical advice and by buying, manufacturing and selling Ariel spare parts at the lowest possible prices. The club has contacts with other Ariel registers around the world and the links to some of these may be found on the links page.    We do have a Blog on this site and a photo Gallery but have yet to work out how members can update this should they be moved to do so!


To join the register please contact any member of the committee detailed in the contacts page or complete the Join-Club page of this site. The joining fee is currently $10 per year



The club spares  are viewable on a Google Photos web site.  Select Spares, Photos, Links  from the menu to take you to the club's spares for sale album. Note that Google has made the photo view come up without captions sometimes. click on a photo to see the caption at the foot of the photo or click the tiny little "i" on the top right to expose the information about the slides. selection the next slide will change the information details to match.



From the News Blog you can also click on some photos to view the gallery and also check out the scrapbook/Blog for other events. NB The gallery displayed has more photos than are currently put on view initially others will show up if you select a visible photo. If you have photos you would like published currently these have to be sent by email to a commitee member until we sort out how to allow access for our members.

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